Youthful, budding, anabolic activity culminates in a beautiful bloom of peak vitality. But with age, catabolic factors overcome youth's energy: colours fade, life force diminishes, and petals wilt.

NaturesPlus® AgeLoss® turns back the clock on ageing. An entirely new approach to optimizing every aspect of health, AgeLoss® counters catabolic tissue destruction while promoting anabolic renewal, growth and repair. Optimal anabolic nurturing can maintain youth in young bodies or reverse the ravages of time for those who are in their more mature years.
Rejuvenating anabolic nutrition, or Rejuvabolic, will improve your life better than any form of supplementation ever developed. This life-improving revolution starts with a better understanding of antioxidants.
Using the AgeLoss System: FOUNDATION

Start with AgeLoss Women's Multi or AgeLoss Men's Multi. These anti-ageing multivitamins form the ideal foundation to build upon. It is recommended that you further potentiate your multivitamin with First Day Healthy Inflammation Response formula or Rejuvabolic Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Complex.

Inflammation is now understood to be far more subtle than tissue swelling and overt pain - and far more pervasive throughout the body. Unnoticeable inflammatory processes play a major role in the proper function, as well as the malfunction, of virtually every system and every tissue of the human body.

First Day Healthy Inflammation Response formula is an ideal choice for your foundation.

You may also choose to add the Rejuvabolic Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Complex formula to your life-changing AgeLoss health regimen foundation. With over 12,000 Total ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), this formula features 250 mg of potent anti-oxidant PentaTrol Brand 5-Tier Trans-Resveratrol and complementary nutrients to maximize its activity against catabolic free radicals.

Customised For Your Needs

Depending on your nutritional needs and personal health focus, assemble your customised AgeLoss® program by choosing the most appropriate body-system-specific anti-ageing formula for your revitalisation needs. Each formula features Whole Food Potentiating Factors, scientifically selected for their ability to promote the uptake and/or utilisation of individual essential nutrients. AgeLoss® formulas are designed to work alone or together for safe, effective whole life rejuvenation.