Ancient traditions enhanced with
innovative technology

Our research and development teams have searched the world for exceptional herbs – herbs that have been grown and harvested with the delicacy that's necessary to maintain maximum activity and nutritional integrity.

The result is the most complete line of powerful, standardised herbal formulas available.
The NaturesPlus® standards of excellence in quality
manufacturing practices guarantee products that exceed industry
standards for potency, purity, quality and bioavailability.
a maximum strength herbal extract

From the careful selection of the finest herb growers in the world to the delicate extraction processes and numerous quality control procedures, Herbal Actives is setting the standard for excellence with prescription-quality supplements. The result supplies the synergistic benefits of the entire herb.
the most sought-after herbal products

The extensive line of Herbal Actives herbal supplements and vitamins consists of the most sought-after herbal products on the market, including: Echinacea, goldenseal, St. John's Wort, ginkgo biloba, Korean ginseng, pomegranate, valerian, red yeast rice, super fruits, green tea, milk over 100 of the finest herbal supplements and vitamins!
standards of excellence

• Guaranteed consistent activity and potency in every capsule.
• Only the active part of the plant is used.
• Supplies synergistic benefits of an herb’s numerous fractions.
• Manufactured with prescription-quality standards.

NaturesPlus® is proud to regularly submit a sample of each Herbal Actives formula to an independent laboratory for objective proof of quality. This is our mark of excellence and your objective guarantee of quality. With each Herbal Actives formula, you're getting the finest herbal supplement available.

Herbal Capsules

Herbal Actives makes available, for the first time, the historical legacy of herbs with the consistent benefits of guaranteed potency. Each standardised Herbal Actives formula represents an advanced technological achievement in herbal supplementation. Herbal Actives is setting the standards for excellence with prescription-quality supplements.

Extended Release Tablets

Each Extended Release Herbal Actives formula represents an advanced technological achievement in herbal supplements. Each specialized tablet provides a potent concentration of active botanical principles along with the synergistic cofactors that can only be obtained from the whole plant. Prescription quality - potency guaranteed!

herbal combo formulas

Herbal Actives Actin formulas are the first complete line of standardised herbal combinations. These are standardised herbal combinations (not herbal combinations) that contain a base of a few standardised herbs. Each formula combines the numerous health-promoting properties of the world's finest herbs with the guaranteed potency, activity and purity that our customers demand.

Standard Liquid Suspensions

Herbal Actives Standard Liquid Suspensions are the first line of standardised liquid herbs ever developed that redefines the principles of botanical technology and for the first time guarantees potency, activity and consistency in a liquid formulation. Our liquid herbal suspensions offer the power, potency and performance that you'd expect from an Herbal Actives supplement.