Omega Krill Oil 600 mg Liquid-Filled Capsules

Available Sizes: Product No. Ue3972 - 60 Count Bottle (60 Servings)

Discover the amazing benefits of NaturesPlus® Omega Krillâ„¢ Oil, the most effective Krill Omega-3 EFA phospholipids ever developed, with 30% to 100% better EFA absorption than fish oils. NaturesPlus encapsulates only the world\'s purest Krill, sustainably harvested from pristine Antarctic waters. Pure Assureâ„¢ potency preservation technology, including complete nitrogen flush, rosemary extract and high density gelatin capsules, guarantees maximum bioavailability. The Recommended Intake of Omega-3 EPA+DHA (250 mg) supports normal cardiac function and maintenance of normal brain function and vision. NaturesPlus Omega Krill Oil Liquid-Filled Capsules deliver benefits you can feel!

*Product descriptions are subject to change. Please view product at your local retailer for current ingredient details.